WordPress membership plugins comparison – S2Member or WP-Members

wordpress membership plugins comparison

WordPress membership plugins comparison : s2Member or WP-Members
If you want to build a thriving online community with WordPress as the core system, then you need to have membership plug-ins. Creative developers have answered the need for website owners by developing free and paid membership plug-ins.

As WordPress has grown to be very popular thanks to it being open source, free and easy to customize, setting up a membership website is easy without the need of hiring a developer. In order to select the right membership plug-in for your WordPress site, you need to know the many features they have therefore finding out how it will integrate with your goals.

Below are WordPress membership plugins comparison you need to know.

WP Members – Wordpress membership plugins comparison

WP-Members as the name suggests is a membership plug-in that is perfect for website owners who are looking to run a membership sites as well as newsletter and premium content sites. The plug-in has been designed to restrict selected content especially when it comes to registered site members. The plug-in is developed to make no modifications to your site theme therefore it works seamlessly. It is scalable which allows website owners to customize the look and feel of the membership site.

The good news about WP-Members is that it is free therefore all features are open and available to users right from the word go.


Block posts

The membership plugin provides settings to the administrator therefore allowing them to block posts and even pages. This helps to prevent users who join membership sites and post content that is meant to spam the site therefore redirecting users to others sites.

There are users who also post content that contains offensive and abusive language which is not appropriate for certain audiences. This can reduce the credibility of the site.

Login and registration form inline with content

The login and registration form of the plug-in is inline with content and not with WordPress login page. This helps to ensure that everything is stored in a single database as well as allowing users to access the login and registration form with ease.

Sidebar login widget

The widget allows users to easily access the login page regardless of the page they are currently located on the site. This ensures that they have access to the account therefore posting and commenting on posts easily.

Admin approval for new registrations

New users have to wait for the Admin to approve their account after verifying information provided therefore preventing scammers and hackers from having access to the site.

Captcha for registration

Captcha is a secure way of preventing bots and robots from jamming a website server with false traffic therefore leading to poor website performance.

Apart from WP-Members, users have access to another membership plug-in namely S2Member that allows website owners to create membership sites with ease.

What is S2Member? – WordPress membership plugins comparison

S2Member is a membership plug-in that is developed to run seamlessly on WordPress therefore allowing website owners to host a membership site. The plug-in is offered both for free as well as paid version. It has been developed to be easy to install and run therefore one does not have to hire an expert in order to setup.

It can protect your WordPress posts, pages, tags, categories and even portions of content that are found on posts, pages, themes and plug-ins.

Features of Wordpress membership plugins comparison:

Paypal integration

Paypal is a secure payment system that enables users to make payments as well as buy products from different stores. The plug-in allows one to integrate Paypal through a simple button integration. This allows website owners to receive membership payments as well as donations.

Content restriction

It allows administrators to restrict the type of content that is posted by different users. These prevents users from posting spam content or inappropriate posts too.

Brute force login protection

Brute force attack is a method that is used by hackers to crack passwords for users account therefore having access to their account without their approval. The plug-in provides brute force login protection therefore prevents hackers and their tools.

Unique IP restrictions

Administrators can block certain IP addresses therefore preventing said users from accessing the site. This helps to prevent scammers and hackers from having access to the site.

Both WP-Members and S2Member have features that are similar such as content restriction, open registration options, short code conditionals, file download restrictions, captcha for registration, creation of custom fields as well as holding new user registrations until admin approval.

Comparison of s2Member and WP-Members- Wordpress membership plugins comparison

  1.  S2Member is provided as both free and paid where paid has more features than free. WP-Members on the otherhand is entirely free but it has less features when compared to paid s2Member plug-in.
  2.  Free and paid versions of s2Member offer Paypal integration in form of standard buttons and w/Pro-forms. WP-Members does not offer Paypal integration therefore site owners cannot run paid membership sites.
  3. Paid versions of s2Member provide clickbank button integration while WP-Members does not provide.
  4.  In terms of security, free and paid versions of s2Member provide brute force attack protection while WP-Member does not therefore it vulnerable to attack.
  5. You can integrate Stripe with paid versions of s2Member but not with WP-Member which restricts tte functionality of the site.

Final thoughts of WordPress membership plugins comparison

As WordPress is a popular CMS, it has been extended for use as membership site thanks to various plug-ins like s2Members and WP-Members. Both have similar powerful features such as content restriction, IP restrictions, short code implementation and open registration option among others.

While both have similar features, s2Members is offered for free and paid versions while WP-Members is offered for free only. If you are looking for a powerful membership plug-in that will offer you a powerful site, select free versions of s2Members and WP-Members. If you need additional features, go for paid s2Members.

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