Want a website ? Top Reasons to Choose a Blog instead

Choose a Blog instead

I will present the top reasons to choose a blog instead if you want a website. Nowadays, everyone wants to have either a website or a blog for different reasons. Some wants to make money online by advertising others’ products, some wants to display ads to make money, some wants to sell their own products/books, and so on. So, while the reasons to have a website or a blog are many, you may either go ahead with one of these, but not at all, you should choose to have a website if you are not going to sell your own products or services.

Listed below are Top Reasons to Choose a Blog than a Website

  1. If you want to make money online by selling others’ products, displaying ads, affiliate marketing, and other such ways, then a blog should always been the top choice.
  2. Setting up a Blog on platforms like WordPress is much easier than designing and developing a website using individual platforms like Php, java, XHTML, HTML, Dot NET, ASP .NET, etc.
  3. You can setup a blog by yourself in about 15 minutes on WordPress but when it comes to setup a website, then you need so many things such as a custom design, converting that design into static pages, uploading them in the server, doing right configurations to make your site up, and then managing the site. All these require enough time and expertise, which you must have else there will be a good cost to hire a Web Designer and a Developer.
  4. A blog on platforms like WordPress is easy to manage. Just login into your blog, upload content, edit content, or delete posts. Moreover, if you feel that design of your blog is too old and should be changed, you can do this in just a few minutes by selecting, activating, and customizing a new theme, which is also free. But, if you need to do the same for a Website, then you will have to first create a new design, you will have to make banners ready as per the new design, and then upload the new design on the server once again.
  5. A blog gives you flexibility to engage users, display ads, showcase others’ products, and so on, which increases your chances of making money online. And, all these can be done with use of Widgets that can be set in right side bar, left side bar, or footer just by drag and drop. While, websites do not give you drag and drop features. There you will have to take help of a developer to get this done.

These are the top reasons to choose a blog than a website.

Access this link to see the tutorial for choose a blog instead.

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