Simply Pro genesis child theme review

Genesis Child theme Simply Pro Theme

Simply Pro theme review

Simply Pro theme is a third-party child theme that works with Genesis Framework. This theme is available on StudioPress. In this post, we will take you through the Simply Pro theme review.

What’s Good in Simply Pro Theme?

Every theme has some features that make it the best theme for some WordPress users but when we talk about Simply Pro Theme then it is a theme that suits to everyone. Whether you are a blogger, a news website, a tech platform, or any other content rich media resource, this theme is perfect for everyone. Let us have a look at its features that make it stand apart from thousands of other WordPress themes:

  • Genesis Platform: The top advantage of Simply Pro Theme is its Genesis Framework. Due to this framework, you get access to all features and widgets that are provided by StudioPress WP framework. Second advantage of being on Genesis platform is your blog will be automatically turned to a responsive blog adjusting its layout as per the size of the device on which the reader accesses your blog. Third advantage of this platform is your blogs is ready for SEO with several features that are loved by search engines like use of schema.
  • Minimalist Design: It is the design that gives your readers a clean and clear interface that is distraction free. With such an interface, they can focus on reading the content rather than looking here and there on other elements. In other words, it helps readers focus on the quality content you have been trying to showcase. Second benefit of minimalist design is your blog loads faster, which is an advantage per SEO because search engines and end-users love fast websites.
  • Many Layout and Design Options: This theme come with many options using which you can set custom theme background rather than using the built-in background, you can select the typography that suits to your eyes, and you can select from many color options for your theme so that you can match the color of theme as per the color of your Brand Logo. 

In addition, you get many pre-defined layout options that you can select to get a desired appearance for your blog. For example, you can decide to have a Slider, latest posts, and sidebar on the home page or you can set a selected static page as the home page with sidebar or without sidebar. You can have full-width featured images on the slider. You can also link these images to the desired page in your blog or on the WEB. And, if you want to display a title on the slider image, you can do that as well.

  • Social Media: If you are not in social media then you are losing almost 10% to 50% of readers every day. Moreover, Social media has been a greatest way to get free popularity – the only thing you need is helpful content that people love to share. Simply Pro Theme comes with built-in options using which you can give your readers a quick way to share your content on social media. It gives you a floating social media bar in right side of the blog and Social sharing links below featured posts. Moreover, you get floating header so that the readers can anytime, easily navigate to the other parts in your blog. In other themes, you may need to use additional plugins for these extra features, and you every plugin in WordPress adds an extra load on the server.
  • Widgets: To help you showcase more, the theme provides many pre-defined widgets that you just need to place at desired location. Some of the Widgets include Author Box widget, Instagram Widget, and so on.

These are some of the top notch features of Simply Pro Theme. In addition to these themes, you will be entertained with the below listed features that are changing the world of today’s pro-bloggers:

  • Use of HTML5 to offer you the functionalities that are supported by all latest browsers
  • Custom styling and header design
  • Theme options so that you can update anything quickly and easily without looking into the code
  • Threaded comments for easy understanding of who has replied to whose comment in the thread
  • Upload logo in a click
  • Easy to setup side bar with widgets
  • Easy to setup footer with widgets
  • Responsive design with responsive slider
  • See here the tutorial for Simply Pro theme.

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