Setup MaxCDN with WordPress

setup MaxCDN with WordPress
Cdn speedSetup MaxCDN with WordPress

One of the best Content Delivery Networks among WordPress users is MaxCDN because it is easy to setup and it offers the best speed. If you also want to Setup MaxCDN with WordPress then follow the process demonstrated herein below.

How to Setup MaxCDN with WordPress

Perform the below steps to Setup MaxCDN with WordPress

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Now, select the Manage Zones menu and click the Create Pull Zone
  3. Enter details to create a Pull Zone, as listed below:
    1. Name: Enter a name for the Pull Zone.
    2. Origin Server URL: Enter URL of your WordPress blog
    3. Custom CDN Domain: Enter a subdomain such as
    4. Label: Enter a small description
    5. Compress: We suggest you to enable compression by checking this box
  4. Click the Create
  5. Once the Pull Zone is created, MaxCDN will give you a Pull Zone location. Note down that Pull Zone location and the custom domain. A pull zone location looks like
  6. Now, create an API Key and API ID for MaxCDN by selecting the Manage Account menu > API key menu > Add Key You will need these details later when configuring MaxCDN in WordPress.
  7. Now, login to your Cpanel.
  8. Find the Domains section and then click Simple DNS Zone Editor
  9. When you click the click Simple DNS Zone Editor option, a pop-up appears. In that pop-up, enter the below details:
    1. Name: Enter the Custom CDN Domain you have entered in the Pull Zone.
    2. CNAME: Enter the Pull Zone Location provided by MaxCDN.
    3. Click the Add CNAME Record
  10. Once CNAME is added, login to WordPress and access the W3 Total Cache’s setting page and enable CDN.
  11. Select, NetDNA/MaxCDN in the CDN Type drop-down list.
  12. Click the Save all settings
  13. After that go to the CDN menu and configure the below details:
    1. Enter API ID: Refer step 6 above to get API ID.
    2. Enter API Key: Refer step 6 above to get API Key.
    3. Enter the custom CDN domain in the replace site’s hostname with field.
  14. Click the Test NetDNA If all settings are done correctly, you will pass the test else you will get an error showing the problem.
  15. Click Save all Settings

Use cdn in your websiteThis is how you can setup MaxCDN with WordPress. Setup MaxCDN and experience faster speed.

Tutorial for setup MaxCDN with wordpress can be seen here.

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