How to add inline related posts in wordpress blog posts

How to add inline related posts in wordpress blog posts

Having a wordpress site with much traffic is not a big deal. Turning viewers into visitors using smart tactics is what one would want to achieve. You might be familiar with related posts plugins which are meant for viewers’ interest so they won’t leave the website. But the problem with those plugins is that they let you put the related posts at the end of the articles.

The question arises, what if the reader loses their interest and fail to read the whole article? To overcome this shortcoming, inline related posts come to the rescue. They can be placed in the middle of the articles so even if reader loses their interest, they might as well have an option of reading other interesting articles. This is the reason why inline Related Posts are becoming widespread among users as well as site admins.

Here’s how you can add inline related posts in your wordpress blog to keep the readers engaged.

First off, look for the plugins in your dashboard. Now search for Inline Related Posts plugin. Download and activate it. Once activated, you’ll need to configure it.

For configuration, go to Settings>Inline Related Posts and go through the settings. You’ll find a lot of styling settings where you can style your related posts as per your needs depending upon your target audience. Moreover, you can also change the themes of the posts and can choose where they can appear on the page.

Before saving the changes you can also preview the newly updated settings to have a visual image as to how your inline related posts would look like.

Furthermore, you can customize the links that will appear on your posts. You can choose a number of links and can set them on specific posts accordingly.

The inline related posts plugin is compatible with both the pages as well as posts. You can further play around with the configurations and choose the related posts by setting up tags and categories.

Make sure you press the save button when done. That’s it. Now you’re a pro and can easily set up inline related posts in your wordpress blogposts.

After you found out how to add inline related posts in wordpress you are ready to enchant your readers with amazing and intresting content.

If you use another plugin to add inline related posts in your WordPress theme and you are satisfied with it and also believe that has more benefits then the one stated above you could post it.

Tutorial for add inline related posts in wordpress can be seen here.

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