Who Really Uses Food Blog Templates for WordPress

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Who Really Uses Food Blog Templates for WordPress

Templates are a great way for websites or blogs to capture their visitors’ attention and to make them come back again and again. For food blogs, the template is even more important than for, say, business websites, because food blogs are based primarily on looks. People come, take a look at a finished product and if it looks good, they look up the recipe. They can’t taste the food, which is why looks are very important.

If you want to make it big in the food blogging industry, you need to have great content and a great template that would attract the visitors and make them come back. Here are some of the best food blog templates for WordPress blogs that emphasize the photos of the food and convince your visitors to come back again and again to view your content.

Top 5 Food blog templates for wordpress

  1. Daily Dish Pro

This is one of the most popular WordPress templates on the internet. It focuses on the images of the food, putting them up there, in front of the viewer, deliberately bigger than the content so that if the visitor is interested in the recipe, he or she can look under the image and read it, but the image is the first thing he or she sees. It comes with 6 different layouts for the page, various options for customization, a mobile version, as well as custom layouts and pages. Basically, it is the total package for every food blogger out there.

  1. Modern Studio Pro

This particular theme is perfect for all the food bloggers out there because it follows a very simple idea: no colors, only images. This is important because if the theme does not use any other colors besides the basic ones, white and black, if you post colorful images, they will seem much more vibrant and powerful than they actually are. This is a great thing for food bloggers because as mentioned above, the visitors look at the images first and at the content later so if the images look amazingly delicious, you have a much higher chance of making people come back again and again on your blog.

  1. Foodie Pro

As the name suggests, this is a theme created particularly for the food bloggers with plenty of options for customization. It is a very flexible theme that can be easily manipulated and customized, with lots of options to do so, few intense colors that put an emphasis on the photos you post, as well as 6 layout options, featured images, a version for mobile and many more. It is a great choice for any food blogger out there and you just can’t go wrong with Foodie Pro!

  1. Metro Pro

The Metro Pro theme is built for those that want their blog to be structured as a magazine, with highlighted posts, an option to show the latest news posted and many more. It is a great template for a food blog too because of the way in which the posts are presented to the viewers. Once again, it does not employ too many colors, emphasizing on the images you post rather than on the colors and, the unique feature of this theme is the fact that you can use either one of the 5 color styles from the options menu, depending on which one you think matches your blog.

  1. Food Blog

Last but not the least is one of the most popular templates used by food bloggers all around the world. This template truly focuses on bringing out the best in you with beautiful designs, layouts, an emphasis on the images you post but keeping everything elegant and stylish at the same time and with lots and lots of customization options in order to make sure that besides your cooking skills, you can also point out at your creative skills.

Access this link to see the tutorial for food blog templates for wordpress.

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