Awesome Tips about How to Find Engaging Topics from Unlikely Sources

Awesome Tips About How to Find Engaging Topics from the most unlikely sources.

Blogging is an excellent way to connect with your audience, increase brand awareness and bring large amounts of traffic to your website. However, if you don’t create topics that your audience is interested in, you will have a hard time with each of these elements. This is why it’s essential that you choose topics that will get people talking and sharing their thoughts.

Coming up with blog ideas can be quite challenging, but if you know how to find what your audience wants then making a connection with them can be easy. Let’s take a moment to discuss a few ways in which you can find the most appealing blog topics for your website. Though these methods are somewhat common sense, they are often overlooked.

How to Find Engaging Topics from Unlikely Sources

Find out the most unlikely sources to find engaging topics for your blog.

  1. Industry Forums

Industry forums will allow you to see what types of questions people are asking within your niche. So for example, if you had a blog about advertising, you would want to check out a forum dedicated to advertising techniques or tips. This gives you a direct link to your target audience, what types of conversations they are having as well as what they are most interested in.

2.    Question And Answers Sites

Sometimes your topic lies within a question. One of the best ways to engage your audience is by providing them with helpful answers. Quora and Yahoo Answers are among the most popular to date. Sign in and take a look at which questions are the most popular or being asked repeatedly and formulate a topic around this subject matter. You may even look at how many responses each question has received to get an idea of how well that particular topic could possibly perform on your website.

3.  Social Media

Another excellent way to find blog post topic ideas is to simply ask your audience on your social media accounts. Sometimes we become so preoccupied with what people may like that we forget that we can actually ask them directly. So head on over to your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages and ask your target audience what topic they are most interested in. You don’t necessarily have to tell them that you are working on ideas for a blog post, but you can ask them what they are struggling with the most. Not only will this allow you to come up with a large amount of ideas, but it will also help you to engage your readers even before your write your post.

4. Industry Influencers

Why reinvent the wheel when you can simply look at what the most successful people in your niche are doing? You can always find out what topics and blog posts are performing well by observing the top influencers in your industry. Using free web tools such as Followerwonk will give you an analysis on what is bringing in the most numbers. Not only can checking the profiles of the most influential people give you new ideas, it can also help you stay up to date on new changes and trends within your niche.

For example, if you have website that is focused on the fitness and health of women, then you would want to check out a Women’s Health magazine profile on Twitter. Make sure that the topic you plan to use is relatively young–no more than a week old. Pay attention to how many retweets and favorites this particular topic received.

The Secret To Creating Posts That Are Engaging

Finding the perfect subject matter means nothing if you don’t know how to engage your audience. Below are a few questions you should keep in mind as you search for topics for your website:

1. Am I Willing To Be Consistent?

Once you’ve found topics that will grab your audience’s attention, you have to be consistent! There’s nothing worse than getting hooked on someone’s weekly blogs only to find that the author has taken an unannounced hiatus. An audience will only remain as loyal as you are to them. So make sure that you are prepared to regularly deliver insightful and valuable information.

2. Am I Willing To Interact In The Comments Section?

It’s great if you are able to commit to blogging twice a week or post a video once a month, however you should not forget how important it is to interact with your audience. You have to be willing to listen and respond their feedback about your post. Answering questions and offering a few extra tips is a sure fire way to ensure loyalty. Remember that the conversation should always go both ways.

3. Am I Willing To Customize Content?

Though you may have gotten your ideas from some other source, it is essential that you take the time to customize your content. This means that not only should you write content for your niche, but you should make sure that it applies to as many of your readers as possible. This is specifically important if your website caters to multiple audiences–whether it’s different age groups, specialties or roles within companies. Showing people content that does not relate to their particular interests means that they won’t spend much time on your site.

4. Am I Willing To Tell A Story?

The average, strictly informational blog post won’t cut it anymore; it’s all about the user experience.

Readers are looking for interactive elements within the posts. And this means that you have to find ways to incorporate them into your blog design. Whether it’s through GIFs or infographics, you need to be able to tell a good story around the facts. Some of the most popular video games are often praised for their story lines. So make each blog an experience.

Blogging is not easy. It takes consistency, persistence and a knack for creativity. However, if you are able to place yourself in the readers’ shoes and think about where they hang out and where they usually get their advice, you may be able to get some fresh ideas. Some of the best and most engaging topics can originate from industry forums, question and answers websites, social media and industry influencers.

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