Best wordpress hosting companies for beginners

Best wordpress hosting companies for beginners
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We made a top that presents the best WordPress hosting for beginners considering the most important factors and also we included the WordPress recommendation for hosting their platform.

There is no shortage of the number of hosting companies out there to host your WordPress blog or website. If you are trying to choose between the many different hosting companies out there then it can prove to be a really daunting task to pick one. There are 3 main things to look for in a hosting company and that is:

  1. Performance
  2. Support
  3. Pricing

Here we have compiled the top WordPress hosting companies out there which ranks on top in all the above three parameters. You will be making a good investment if you choose a hosting company from the below list for your WordPress hosting needs.

5. SiteGround

In our tests to find the best hosting company for a WordPress website, we found that SiteGround came out on top. The performance is really impressive when you look at the $3.95 price point which is their starting hosting tier. There is no 1 website limitation even in this low price point and you will be able to host multiple websites with one purchase. The average response time is only 700 ms even with 50 concurrent users. So SiteGround offers really good value for your money.

4. Inmotion Hosting

This is a well-known hosting company in the industry because of its performance and reliability for business class hosting. They have won awards for 99.99% uptime and are also voted as user favourite. They have a great world class support that will help you out if you run into any problems what so ever. It also offers great scalability for the growth of your blog.

Hosting3. HostGator

HostGator has made a reputation for itself by hosting more than 8 million domain names under its name. It is the most reputed hosting company out there. It has 1 click installation and there is 99.9% uptime. The support is also excellent and is one of the best in its class. If you are starting out, picking HostGator for your hosting will be a very smart choice.

2. JustHost

Justhost is great for websites which are starting out. Their support is excellent and you will find all the tools that you will need in their robust control panel. They are also priced very low compared to all the competitors and you will get all the features you need if not more when you invest in JustHost for your hosting. Upgrading and scaling up will also be easy and they have dedicated hosting and VPS hosting if you choose to upgrade. The upgrade will also be made as seamless as possible by the excellent support team.

1. BlueHost

This is one of the oldest Webhosts that has been out there. It has a large brand name that comes along with hosting WordPress. They also happen to be the official recommendation by WordPress for your WordPress hosting needs. You will not have to worry about your website being slow even if you have a lot of traffic. They also provide a free domain and a site builder with templates.

If you have other suggestion about the best wordpress hosting for beginners please post it so we could review it.

We hope that we have given you the best information about the best wordpress hosting for beginners so you could start your dream job.

Tutorial for best wordpress hosting for beginners can bee seen here.


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