Best free WordPress Real Estate Plugin

Best free WordPress Real Estate Plugin

Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugin

Thanks to improved technology over the years, the internet has become a host of different websites and platforms ranging from search engines to social media. Users are searching for information ranging from the most fuel efficient car to the safest city one can live in.

This means that websites have become very important tools that enable businesses and individuals to reach more people around the world. As a successful realtor, you can reach even more clients thanks to hosting a WordPress site with a real estate plug-in.
Below are the best Free WordPress real estate plug-ins you need to know about.

WPL Real estate plugin

The plug-in was developed by Realtyna, a web development firm that has been developing real estate solutions for long period of time. The plug-in has been designed to offer realtors an out of the box solution that allows them to advertise upcoming homes for sale. It has several features which include:

Add new listing
The plug-in allows the website owner to add new listings through a simple wizard. The feature allows both secondary agents and other authorized users to be added and can also add listings to the WordPress blog.
Hide fields
The plug-in allows users with permission to hide certain fields they don’t want to appear in the listing.

Different categories
Users have the ability of aligning real estate listing with certain categories therefore providing interested parties with the option of more listings. Users can also narrow their search therefore finding what they want quickly.

Search function
Users are able to search for different listings thanks to the in-built search function. Users have the ability of adjusting search criteria by states, cities and zip codes.

Google maps integration

The developers have integrated the plug-in with Google maps therefore allowing users to view real estate within the map. This allows users to know the exact location of the listing which enables them to find what they are looking for.
List and grid modes
The users can switch between list and grid display modes when browsing for different properties.

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Social media share

WordPress blog administrators, users and agents can share various listing on social media platforms like facebook, twitter and even email.
Users can choose between a free version and a premium version.

WP Listings

This is an open source real estate plug-in that has been developed to allow realtors to fully integrate real estate listings that are fully featured. The plug-in was developed by Agent Revolution, a web development company that provides different solutions to real estate agents and brokers.
The plug-in has the following features:

Create your own listing with WordPress Real Estate Plugin

The plug-in allows authorized users to create their own listing or even stick with the already provided features such as status, property type and location among others.
Featured listing
Authorized users can create featured listings and they can be displayed on the featured listing widget. Featured listing can be customized to the liking of the user therefore becoming attractive to online visitors.

Custom data fields

The plug-in comes with custom data fields which can be used by users. They range from price and address to virtual tours, kitchen summaries, school and neighborhood information among others.
Fully responsive
Being fully responsive means that it adapts to any screen resolution. For users with desktops, netbooks, notebooks, smartphones and tablets, they can browse through the listing as the blog will adapt itself to the device one is using. This allows one to have a huge traffic thanks to the plug-in being responsive.

Easy property listing

This is a comprehensive realtor’s plug-in that has been developed to work with WordPress and different themes without any problems. The plug-in comes with different templates therefore creating an attractive user experience at all times.
The plug-in has several features which include:

Theme compatibility mode

This helps to minimize errors when the administrator changes themes from time to time. The plug-in also comes with a manual theme setup which is favorable for experienced users who want to customize the look and feel of the listing to their liking.

Supports multiple listing types

The plug-in has been developed to allow users to post different listings such as rentals, plots of land, offices and houses among others. One can also choose pricing options such as no price, price on application and auction among others.

Supports different currencies and location
This allows the authorized users to list real estate with prices that are friendly to the target market. Thanks to its customization for the international market, it allows realtors to tap into new markets.

Google maps integration

The plug-in is integrated with Google maps therefore it allows online visitors to locate the physical location of the property with ease.

Integrated calendar
The calendar allows users to make appointments for house visits so as to view the property and make their own decisions later.

Search widget

It comes with a search widget that allows online visitors to search for different listings by selecting different fields.
See the WordPress Real Estate Plugin in action now.

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