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How to remove comments from wordpress

How to remove comments from wordpress? The comments feature in WordPress enables bloggers to interact with their blog visitors and get feedbacks on their posts. While this feature allows your blog visitors to leave their comments on your blog posts, WordPress enables you to manage these comments in the Admin panel. You can check comments,

2016 Best WordPress security plugins to safeguard your website

Top 2016 Best WordPress security plugins to safeguard your website. Setting up and running a website or blog is not an easy task and furthermore maintaining it is even an uphill task. When it comes to the security of your WordPress site and servers, it is important that you make it a priority. While the

Best Shopping Cart for WordPress 2016

Best shopping cart for WordPress plugin 2016 The economic problems facing many countries has affected people in a negative way leading to some being fired and not able to get jobs. Thanks to the internet, majority of people have a way of earning money either at the comfort of their home or even their office.

Best free WordPress Real Estate Plugin

Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugin Thanks to improved technology over the years, the internet has become a host of different websites and platforms ranging from search engines to social media. Users are searching for information ranging from the most fuel efficient car to the safest city one can live in. This means that websites
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