15 Things Making Your Website Slow

Common Things Making Your Website Slow

15 Common Things Making Your Website Slow, find them today and make your site faster avoiding them. Website speed can make you a winner or a looser, and it is true with respect to both the end users and the search engines.

Importance of website speed

Speed of a website is important for everyone, be it an end user or a search engine. No one gives value to websites that take too much time to load. According to a study, if a website takes less than a second to load, it gets more attention than the websites that take 3 seconds and more. And, as the loading time increases, the value of website decreases. An end user will leave your site and will not come back. And, a search engine crawler will not index in the database, which means your website cannot be a part of that search engine.

15 Things Making Your Website Slow

Top webhostingToday, I will tell you about the 15 things making your website slow. I will not only tell you why your website is slow but also suggest you corresponding solutions so that you can get a better speed. Before that, let me tell you why website speed is important and why you should be concerned about it.

Reason #1 – Hosting

The very first reason of slow speed of a website can be the hosting. Depending upon your hosting package, there shall be some limitations on bandwidth usage as well. Hence, it is important to choose the best host for WordPress hosting. Invest a few extra dollars but get the best hosting plan that offers more storage, more bandwidth, and highest up time.

Reason #2 – Theme

Are you using a WordPress theme that is too much heavy with lots of features, which are not of your use in any way? If yes, immediately replace this with a light-weight theme.

Reason #3 – Lots of Plugin

When we setup a WordPress website, we keep experimenting with different plugins to come up with the best results. While doing this, sometimes, we add so many plugins while only a few of them are actually in use. So, the plugins, which are of no use for us are still consuming the bandwidth in backend so, it is suggested to keep only those plugins, which are of you use and delete the remaining.

Reason #4 – Lots of Themes

WordPress gives us the facility to install as many themes we want but we can activate only one theme at a time. Presence of more themes adds weight to the database, which often results in slow down of the website; hence, it is suggested to keep only the most important themes and delete the rest.

Reason #5 – Optimize Images

If you are using lots of images in your website, then mind it that it is also a reason in slow speed because WordPress loads images along with the content. Lighter images mean faster speed; hence, always optimize images before uploading. You can install a plugin for the same as well.

importance of webhostingReason #6 – Lazy Load Images

Apart from optimizing images, you might not be using Lazy Load images features, which means, images are load after all the content has been loaded. It improves the speed. So, install lazy load image plugin and it will do rest of the job for you.

Reason #7 – Optimize database

If you are not regularly optimizing database and cleaning out the junk, then your site will load slow. You can install WP-Optimize plugin to clean the database and remove junk.

Reason #8 – Caching

Are you using a plugin for caching your website? If not, it is a big mistake because without installing a caching plugin, you cannot assume to have your website load faster. W3 Total Cache has been recommended as the best plugin for caching.

Reason #9 – Combine CSS

How many CSS files are there in the theme you have installed? If the number is more than one, then it is also a reason behind the slowness of your website. Combine all CSS files for a faster speed.

Reason #10 – Move Javascript to Footer

Another reason can be the use of Javascript in header. For faster speed, always move Javascript to footer. You can also use a plugin for this.

Reason #11 – Pingbacks and trackbacks

Many WordPress users do not know what Pingbacks and trackbacks are but these options are by default enabled. Turn off these options for a faster speed.

Reason #12 – Optimize Home Page

Have you made your home page look extra ordinary with so many extra plugins and widgets? If yes, we suggest you to keep only the essential plugins and widgets. Also, limit the number of posts to be displayed on the home page.

Reason #13 – Browser Caching

Are you leveraging browser caching? If not, you are missing an important factor, which is slowing down your website. Always enable browser caching for a faster speed after it has been loaded once.

Reason #14 – Enable Compression

Have you enabled compression on CSS, Java Script, and HTML pages? Compressing CSS, Java Script, and HTML pages helps improving website load speed. If you have not yet enabled compression then do it now.

Top webhostingReason #15 – Minify CSS, Java Script, and HTML

One more reason behind slow speed could be not minifying CSS, Java Script, and HTML. By minifying these, we remove extra spaces from these files, which results in faster speed.

These are the 15 Things Making Your Website Slow along with solutions to make your website load faster. Always remember that the best speed can only be achieved when you consider all of the above listed solutions. Implementing one or a few will have some improvements but the best speed will still be achievable.

Access this link to see the tutorial for things making your website slow.

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